STEM Ambassadors

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. CIHT STEM Ambassadors work across the UK in regions to encourage young people to achieve their potential in STEM subjects. CIHT STEM Ambassadors inspire their local community by volunteering their time and support to work with schools, colleges, teachers, employers and young people.

What is the STEM Ambassadors Programme?

The STEM Ambassadors Programme is a network of volunteers with a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Maths (the STEM subjects). The network operates across the UK, and is coordinated by CIHT and STEM Learning.

CIHT STEM Ambassadors inspire young people to continue studying STEM subjects, and help them to explore the applications of their studies in the wider world. They broaden career horizons, raise aspirations, and build understanding of the role that these subjects play in everyone’s lives.

CIHT STEM Ambassadors give young people the opportunity to meet a wide range of inspiring role models who encourage them as they think about their future.


What does becoming a STEM Ambassador involve?

As a CIHT STEM Ambassador, you are required to undertake a minimum of one activity each year. This could be a 10 minute video about who you are and how your work makes a difference, a classroom visit, or even a professional development session for teachers. You are asked to make an initial commitment of three years – so that's just three activities – although you are welcome to renew that commitment when the time comes.

Activities could be classroom workshops or talks, supporting an out-of-hours club (regularly or as a one-off), helping out at large events and careers fairs, or even work with a non-schools audience such as Guides or Scouts. As long as the activity is STEM-related and benefits young people between the ages of 5 and 19, then it counts as an activity.


Why volunteer as a STEM Ambassador?

Raise the aspirations of young people by giving them the opportunity to meet a wide range of inspiring role models who encourage them as they think about their future. As well as the many benefits for students and teachers, being a STEM Ambassador can also benefit you. As well as being an enjoyable and rewarding thing to do, volunteering with young people can build your confidence, presentation skills and help you see your own work from a different perspective. 

Once you register as a STEM ambassador, you will receive an email from STEM Learning to verify your email address. The next steps involve a free security check and a short inductionYou can also log into your STEM Learning account and start accessing a large and varied rage of wonderful resources, such as the digitized CIHT STEM activities.


How to sign up as a CIHT STEM Ambassador - Video Guide

It is quick and easy to register as a CIHT STEM Ambassador. Please watch this 2-minute video that takes you through the steps required to register.

Now you have watched the video, please register yourself as a CIHT STEM ambassador. While you are registering, please remember to align yourself to CIHT so we can better support you, contact you for opportunities to get involved and understand the volume and impact of the great work that all our volunteer ambassadors are undertaking.

If you need any additional support to sign up, please contact

 That’s it! You are now well on your way to becoming a CIHT STEM Ambassador – Thank you very much and we will be in contact soon!


CIHT Digitised STEM Activities

CIHT has digitised STEM activities that ambassadors and teachers across the UK can download and use to inspire the next generation. This collection of resources from the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) are designed for use by STEM Ambassadors and/or teachers to introduce pupils to the world of transport infrastructure and the career opportunities available within it. There are different sets of resources for a variety of age ranges.

Additional STEM Ambassador Resources

This is Me – I am a CIHT STEM Ambassador Presentation

This resource is a really easy way for new and existing STEM Ambassadors to get involved by creating a simple, impactful, and memorable presentation to showcase themselves as a STEM Ambassador. Primarily, with online communication in mind, STEM Ambassadors are asked to prepare a short 2/3 slide presentation and a three-minute talk. This focuses individuals to really think about what to include to show their work and inspirations.

Preparing a This Is Me presentation is a must for new STEM Ambassadors and we encourage all STEM Ambassadors to create one. It builds confidence in your own skills and helps improve communication skills for different audiences.


Other STEM Activity Examples

  • STEM Careers: Advice / Speed Networking
  • STEM workshop / practical activity
  • School governor / senior leadership advice
  • Educator development / CPD
  • Project Mentoring
  • Judging a STEM competition / challenge


  • Employability skills e.g mock interviews / CV writing
  • Mentoring
  • STEM Content / Resource Creation
  • Supporting a STEM club
  • STEM workplace visit



CIHT Learn

Part of the video highlights CIHT Learn, which is our digital learning platform, created to help you succeed in your highways and  transportation career. CIHT Learn provides a unique combination of online courses and other resources such as events, webinars, podcasts and case studies, that are personalised to your member preferences.


Find STEM Ambassadors

Teachers and schools can now find CIHT STEM ambassadors to deliver STEM activities through their STEM Learning profiles. STEM ambassadors advertise their skills, abilities and their availability through the 'Offers' tab on their STEM Learning platform. 

To find out how you can find CIHT STEM Ambassadors, please click here.



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