About CIHT

A Professional Institution

CIHT represents and qualifies professionals who plan, design, build, manage, maintain and operate transport and infrastructure.


CIHT offer routes to qualifications including Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician, the SoRSA Certificate of CompetencyTransport Planning Professional and Chartered Transport Planning Professional.

CIHT is the leading voice of the highways and transportation infrastructure profession. We are the prime source of advice for national and local government and other strategic stakeholders when they are seeking technical expertise and knowledge to guide future policy and investment.

Our membership is growing, and as an Institution, we embrace all aspects of transport infrastructure while continuing to value our roots in highway engineering.

The Institution is the natural home for all people working in transport infrastructure who are seeking education, professional qualifications, technical guidance and networking in a welcoming environment. Find out more about CIHT's Diversity and Inclusion agenda here.

Find out about our Vision & Values here.

A Registered Charity

The Institution is a registered charity. Its Charitable Objective is

to advance for the public benefit the science and art associated with highways and transportation in all their aspects and to promote education, training and research in and development of the said science and art.

CIHT fulfils these responsibilities by providing authoritative, independent, professional advice to government and transport stakeholders. It ensures members have access to current skills and good practice and provides qualifications to underpin the standards of the profession.

Institution Objectives

Promoting professionalism and encouraging learning

Giving members the skills, training and qualifications to be the workforce that society and the economy need.

We will:

  • Attract more members to professional qualifications
  • Continue to offer and develop routes to membership for highways and transportation professionals at all stages of their careers
  • Demonstrate and promote the value of professional qualifications to individuals and employers
  • Develop our approach to continuous learning and embed this as an essential requirement for a skilled and effective workforce
  • Provide mentoring and professional development opportunities to all our members

Influencing the future

Working with members, regions, stakeholders and decision makers to demonstrate the value of efficient transport infrastructure, as well as continually seeking to improve all networks so that they are safe, sustainable, effective and able to meet the changing needs of society.

We will:

  • Shape and contribute to transport policy across the UK and internationally
  • Maintain and develop relationships with national and regional governments, the industry and the public
  • Foster research and debate on a long-term vision for transport infrastructure through knowledge generation and future thinking
  • Identify and disseminate good practice through effective exchange of knowledge and information
  • Increase CIHT's presence and profile

Developing our membership by providing services that benefit our members and society

Recruiting new members and retaining existing ones through a reputation for excellence and a range of attractive membership services.

We will:

  • Achieve sustainable growth across all grades and diversify our membership profile
  • Shape a long-term vision for the profession that will equip it to attract, retain and develop talent
  • Promote the status of transportation professionals and the importance of the sector to the economy, environment and society
  • Provide quality services and enhance support to our members and regions
  • Continue to provide a range of high-quality events, seminars and networking opportunities at national and regional level

CIHT's Vision


  • World-class transportation infrastructure and services


  • Be committed to excellence
  • Support our members and advance their professional standing
  • Inspire lifelong learning
  • Generate and share knowledge
  • Demonstrate transport infrastructure's contribution to a prosperous economy and a healthy and inclusive society

Strategic priorities:

  • Promoting professionalism and encouraging learning
  • Influencing the future
  • Developing our membership by providing service that benefit our members and society

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