Member (MCIHT)

The CIHT grade of Member (MCIHT) is conferred on professionals working in highways and transportation with proven ability who are making - or have made - measurable contributions to the profession. MCIHT is highly respected in the industry. You can apply for MCIHT based on meeting a range of flexible criteria based on academic, professional and practical experience. This flexibility ensures that CIHT is an inclusive Institution.

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Why you should become a Member (MCIHT) with CIHT

Stand out from the crowd – This professional status demonstrates the skills you’ve gained and guarantees your commitment to maintaining and developing your competence. By joining an organisation that is recognised globally it shows that you are serious about the industry and enhances the perception of you with employers worldwide.

Furthermore, you have the chance to be recognised as a leader in highways and transportation with awards and prizes, available exclusively to our members.

Drive performance, achieve targets and deliver solutions – Get access to the essential news, key trends, insights research materials and technical information that will develop your performance, get buy-in from colleagues and enable you to contribute more to the success of your employer.

Ongoing skills development – Get the answers you need and help you climb the career ladder. We can help you build your CPD and give you the answers when everyone is looking to you for results. Broaden your knowledge and access latest best practice by attending a wide range of CIHT events and accessing the latest thought leadership online.

Network and knowledge share – Maximise your connections online in our LinkedIn groups and face-to-face with attendance at regional and national events where you can meet with peers and key industry professionals including leaders in business and government.

Progress – Membership with CIHT is a key step towards Chartered status the peak of the profession. CIHT can be with you at every step with a structured pathway to career success.

Shape the future of the industry – Eligible to participate on CIHT Boards, Panels and Committees you can have real influence on the direction of the industry. You also can mentor and inspire the next generation of highways and transportation professionals.

Save money – Discounts on events plus CIHT Options enables you to get discounts on lifestyle, recreation, business products and services and much more

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Don't just take our word for it

"Very useful, a lot of information . . . where we are up to date with day to day issues that our relevant to our industry."
"A good way of knowledge sharing . . . it's always useful to hear what other people are doing and take those examples and best practice forward."

Samantha Dyke, Principal Engineer, Traffic Management, Newcastle City Council


"If you are serious about your career development and if your serious about joining a world leading transport institution.  CIHT is the place you need to be with."

Simon Purohit, Principal Transport Planner, Pell Frischmann


A minimum of 3 years’ experience for those embarking on a career in the Highways and Transportation sector.

CIHT Member Fees (MCIHT)

Membership fees are adjusted depending on when you join in the year. For any queries, please contact e:

  • Direct Debit: £167
  • Credit Card / Cheque: £190
  • International Direct Debit: £134
  • International Credit Card: £142
  • Transfer Fee Between Grades: £50

The subscription fee is dependent on the date of your application for membership. If you have any questions about joining CIHT or pro-rata fees, please ask our Membership Team e:

What you need before you apply

To ensure the online application process is as efficient as possible you will be asked to provide the following supporting evidence as part of your application:

  • CV
  • Details of employment history for last three years
  • List of academic qualifications
  • List of professional bodies you belong to (this is not mandatory)
  • Proposer and Seconder including:
    • The professional body they belong to
    • Email address.

The proposer and seconder should be Members or Fellows of CIHT or a recognised professional body in a related sector.

Your proposer and seconder must have consented for CIHT to contact them about your application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require any help on any of the supporting evidence, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at or call us on ++44 (0)207 336 1571 between 9am and 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.


Next Steps - Apply to become a Member at CIHT

If you are already a Member or web registered with MyCIHT then ensure you are logged in.  This will mean that a large part of the application process has already been completed.

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Help and Support

If you wish to contact us, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at or call us on ++44 (0)207 336 1571 between 9am and 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.



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