Smarter Travel

At a time when public and private sector resources are being squeezed even more tightly, there has never been a more compelling reason to focus on creative and innovative ways to reduce pressure on the UK’s already crowded transport system.

‘Smarter travel’ is an essential part of today’s transport solutions. To realise its full potential in our current climate requires commitment and a new level of attention and vigour from a wide range of professionals. Collectively, smarter travel has a key part to play in successfully managing our transport networks and systems.

Building on CIHT’s Climate Change and Sustainable Transport Report (2008), which set out the challenge for transport professionals in responding to climate change, 'Making Smarter Choices' is a joint document, produced by CIHT and Act Travelwise outlines the key issues and signposts the wider profession to the ‘must know’ information.

As leading professional body involved in shaping the transport and built environment, we believe that now is the time for us all to focus on ‘thinking smart’ in what we do.

View the document: Making Smarter Choices   

Think Smarter Travel Factsheets

To help you find out more about the essentials of smarter travel, CIHT, in collaboration with other professional institutions and associations, produced a series of ‘Think Smarter Travel Factsheets’ dealing with different aspects of smarter travel.
Factsheet 1 - For Local Member
Factsheet 2 - Personal Travel Planning
Factsheet 3 - Car Sharing
Factsheet 4 - Managing Consultations


The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) Smarter Travel Guide was developed by the CIHT Sustainable Transport Panel (STP) with the support of the RTPI Transport Planning Network and ACT TravelWise.

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