Royal Charter

CIHT’s Royal Charter and Byelaws set out the Institution's formal governance arrangements.


CIHT Royal Charter and Byelaws

CIHT's Standing Orders provide details of the constitutional arrangements including the role of Boards and the conduct of meetings. This reflects the new Board Structures agreed by the AGM in June 2020 and the changes as a result of being governed by Royal Charter. The latest version dated March 2022 incorporates minor changes to the process of appointment for Nominated Members on Council approved by Board of Trustees.

CIHT Royal Charter and Byelaws

CIHT Standing Orders (March 2023) 

CIHT Standing Orders

CIHT Financial Regulations 

CIHT's Financial Regulations set out the governance framework for financial controls and budgetary management.  These are reviewed annually and reported to the Audit Committee for agreement.  The current regulations were revised in March 2023. 
CIHT Financial Regulations

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