Fellow (FCIHT)

Fellow (FCIHT) is the highest grade of membership of the Institution and is conferred on those working in highways and transportation with proven ability who have made a significant contribution to their profession.

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Why you should become a Fellow with CIHT

Enhance your status in the industry and wider business world – Fellow status demonstrates your depth of knowledge, expertise and strategic input. It highlights the continuous long-term business performance you have delivered. By joining an organisation that is recognised globally it shows that you are a leader within the industry and enhances the perception of you with organisations worldwide.

Drive performance, strategy and be an example for others to follow – Get access to the essential news, key trends, insights, research materials and technical information that will ensure you are at the forefront of the industry and guarantees that your organisation is moving in the right direction.

Ensure that your knowledge remains relevant and dynamic – We can help you build your CPD and give you the answers when everyone is looking to you for results. Improve and broaden your knowledge, access best practice from outside your company, by attending a wide range of CIHT events and uncovering the latest thought leadership online.

Showcase your expertise and grow your network with access to senior networks – Maximise your connections online in our LinkedIn groups and face-to-face meetings with attendance at regional and national events where you can meet with peers and key industry professionals including leaders in business and government.

Shape the future of the industry – Eligible to participate on CIHT Boards, Panels and Committees you can have real influence on the direction of the industry. You also can mentor and inspire the next generation of highways and transportation professionals.

Save money – Discounts on events plus CIHT Options enables you to get discounts on lifestyle, recreation, business products and services and much more.

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Don't just take our word for it

It is very much directly targeted at people in the highways and transportation field . . . fantastic that we have our own body to represent us and to promote the industry.  Rather than being lost within a much wider range of disciplines.  They can work very directly in the highways and transportation field.

Ryan Hutchinson, Technical Director, Strategic Higways, AECOM

Why your organisation needs you to be a Fellow with CIHT

Organisations throughout the public and private sectors have acknowledged the value of Fellowship status in providing greater;

  • Expertise
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Professional networks to draw upon
  • Levels of professional integrity

Eligibility to Apply

Review our Guidance Notes for a quick overview of requirements.

 Guidance Notes

What we're looking for at Fellow level with CIHT

Examples of evidenced FCIHT attributes include:

  • Technical achievement
  • Level of financial responsibility
  • Active Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Management responsibility
  • Contribution to training, staff development and mentoring
  • Promotion of the profession
  • Promotion of diversity & inclusion

Depending upon the applicant’s particular career path, it may not be possible, or essential, to cover all of these attributes. FCIHT applicants are required to clearly demonstrate their roles, responsibilities and contributions, emphasising these where relevant.

What kind of job roles are at Fellow level with CIHT

The list below gives examples of those who may satisfy the requirements for election at Fellow grade:

  • Director/senior manager in a large or medium-sized organisation
  • Civil servant with responsibility for whole areas of policy or practice within central or regional government
  • Chief Officer in a local authority
  • Senior academic (Dean or Head of Department)
  • Head of a team of several researchers, with overall responsibility for direction of the research
  • Sole practitioner providing a widely-recognised high level of expertise
  • Senior post in small organisation providing a widely-recognised high level of expertise
  • Senior officer in the police force, the armed forces and the like.

CIHT Fellows Membership Fees

Membership fees are adjusted depending on when you join in the year. For any queries, please contact e: membership@ciht.org.uk

  • Direct Debit: £225
  • Credit Card / Cheque: £243
  • International Direct Debit: £189
  • International Credit Card: £195
  • Transfer Fee Between Grades: £50

The subscription fee is dependent on the date of your application for membership. If you have any questions about joining CIHT or pro-rata fees, please ask our Membership Team e: membership@ciht.org.uk

The Application Process

Step 1: Complete the online application form.

As part of the online application process you are required to provide supporting evidence.  Your application will not be processed until all supporting evidence has been inputted (Please see below for full list).

Step 2: Submit the application form.

Step 3: Await our response.

We will contact each applicant whether successful or not. 

What you need before you apply

To ensure the online application process is as efficient as possible we require the following supporting evidence for us to complete your application:

  • CV
  • List of any academic qualifications that you may have
  • List of any Professional Bodies that you belong to - Please provide details of any professional bodies that you are a member of or any professional qualifications you currently hold.
  • Employment history for last 3 years
  • Examples that support your application in the relevant areas below. (min 100 and max 500 words)

Service responsibilities and/or projects managed - Examples of work/projects demonstrating your suitability for Fellowship. Please include details of your technical achievements, level of financial responsibility, management responsibility, contribution to training and staff development or mentoring etc.

Professional Commitment - Examples of your involvement in promoting the profession, or promoting diversity in the profession and including service to CIHT at regional or national level) or other institutions where you have contributed). In addition you may include items where you have contributed to the industry, i.e. writing papers, provided support or advice on innovation or enhanced industry knowledge

Continuing Professional Development - Examples of CPD undertaken in the past two years

Management responsibility within the service provider/company - Examples of direct / indirect people management, contribution to training and staff development or mentoring, organisation

  • Proposer and Seconder - The proposer and seconder should be Fellows of CIHT or a recognised professional body in a related sector

Your proposer and seconder must have consented for CIHT to contact them about your application. By providing us with their details you have provided consent for us to contact them about your application.

Additional information required about the Proposer and Seconder

 - The professional body they belong to

 - Email address

 - Number of years known in work capacity

 - Statements written by the Proposer and Seconder (min 100 and max 200 words)

PLEASE NOTE: If you require any help on any of the supporting documentation, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at membership@ciht.org.uk or call us on ++44 (0)207 336 1571 between 9am and 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.

Useful documentation

Guidance Notes

Next Steps - Apply to become a Fellow at CIHT

If you are already a Member or web registered with MyCIHT then ensure you are logged in.  This will mean that a large part of the application process has already been completed.

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If you wish to contact us, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at membership@ciht.org.uk or call us on ++44 (0)207 336 1571 between 9am and 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.

What happens once you have submitted your application?

Your application will be reviewed by our Membership Application Panel, made up of senior fellows, where they will evaluate the application and make the final decision.

As part of the process your Proposers and Seconders will be contacted to verify their statements.

If you are successful in your application, you will receive notification and a certificate confirming your achievement.

If you are unsuccessful in your application, you will receive notification with an explanation for the decision. We will provide guidance as to how you may wish to address the reasons, in order to provide further evidence or resubmit your papers at a later date.

Useful Documentation

Guidance Notes

Help and support

If you wish to contact us, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at membership@ciht.org.uk or call us on ++44 (0)207 336 1571 between 9am and 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.


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