Transferring Engineering Council Registration

If you are registered as a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, or Engineering Technician with the Engineering Council through another institution and wish to transfer your registration to CIHT, the procedure for transferring is set out below. 

Please note that there is no charge for transferring registration. 

For any queries, please contact

a) For members registered through ICE, IStructE or IHE

The applicant must:

  • Complete theTransferring Engineering Council Registration form
  • Be a current member of CIHT at Member grade (or Associate Member for EngTech)
  • Provide a detailed CV
  • Provide a CPD record which demonstrates a minimum of 25 hours for each of the previous two years prior to the date of application.

b) For members registered through another engineering institution

In addition to the requirements listed in a), the applicant must:

  • Submit written evidence that demonstrates competence and commitment in a Highways and Transportation context derived from and meeting the generic standards specified in UK-SPEC for the relevant Section of the Register (i.e. CEng, IEng or EngTech). Please e-mail the Education Team to be sent a template.

What next?

The applicant may be required to attend an interview as part of the assessment process. 

All applications will be considered by two CIHT reviewers who will make a recommendation regarding suitability for transfer. This decision will then be passed to the Chair of the Engineering Professional Standards Panel for approval.

If the transfer is approved:

  • The Engineering Council will be notified of the transfer and will update their Register accordingly.
  • Applicants will be invoiced by CIHT for Engineering Council fees going forward.