Get Involved

Being an active member ensures that you get the most out of your CIHT membership.

Active membership;

  • provides you with opportunities for personal and professional development;
  • brings you into contact with other energetic and committed volunteers who work in your area;
  • allows you to contribute to the success of your professional institution.

There are many different ways to become actively involved with CIHT, such as:

Assessors, Mentors & Reviewers

They are key to the delivery of professional qualifications.

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CIHT 100

The CIHT 100 surveys members of the CIHT on a topical question each month.

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CIHT Champions

 CIHT is looking for members to be our CIHT Champions.

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With #journeys, we’re sharing stories about how CIHT helps highways and transport professionals in their careers.




Public Sector Professionals

We are looking for members who work in the public sector to spread the word about CIHT.

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Region / Nation / Group Officers

Take a proactive and voluntary role in helping run a local group.

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STEM Ambassadors

STEM works across the UK to encourage young people to achieve their potential in STEM subjects.

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CIHT Council

Council advises on the strategic and professional direction of the Institution.

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