CIHT Champions

CIHT is looking for members to be our CIHT Champions. These champions will be ambassadors for CIHT within their work environment and act as an information hub for activities and initiatives relevant to CIHT membership and qualifications.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for motivated and enthusiastic CIHT Members; it does not matter if you are new to the profession or an experienced practitioner.   

What will you have to do as a CIHT Champion?

You will be promoting CIHT and acting as a first point of contact for the Institution within your organisation’s office.   As a CIHT Champion you will:  
•    Be the first point of contact for CIHT information, news, events and announcements.
•    Make colleagues aware of CIHT and how being a member can benefit them and their career
•    Encourage colleagues to attend CIHT events and to consider joining the Institution
•    Pass on to prospective members the benefits of membership and details of how to join CIHT 
•    Engage with your local Region / Nation / Group - receive details of local events and related activity that may be of interest and promote these within your organisation.

Perhaps you or a colleague may be interested in being a speaker/presenter at a local event?
•    Answer basic enquiries about CIHT and Membership and/or putting colleagues in touch with the CIHT Membership Team.
•    Display CIHT promotional literature as appropriate i.e. office/team noticeboards, intranet etc
•    Explore opportunities for CIHT staff to come in and talk to colleagues about additional benefits

What’s in it for you?

What you get out of being a CIHT Champion will depend on what you put in.  

•    A chance to raise you and your company’s profile – not only will you build close links with CIHT Britannia Walk and local regions, but you and your employer will feature in Transportation Professional magazine and in regular updates on and our e-newsletters
•    The opportunity to get more involved in CIHT and Region / Nation events, through.
•    Renewed enthusiasm 
•    Recognition for your efforts - wear your CIHT pin badge with pride.
•    It’s great for your CV

How do I get involved?

Contact our Membership Team today at: e: