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Whether you are just starting out in your career in highways & transportation or an experienced professional, CIHT can help to support your professional development needs.

This section provides details on how you can enhance and record your continual professional development.

In a fast-changing world, keeping your skills and knowledge current is fundamental to maintaining professional competence, instilling confidence in your colleagues, clients and the public, and getting ahead of the competition.

Continuous learning is not only important for your own professional growth but is also a demonstrable mark of your professionalism. The need for this forms part of CIHT’s Code of Professional Conduct, which all applicants for membership sign up to.

Members regularly inform us that one of the main reasons they join CIHT is to have access to the latest information on developments in the sector and understand how these impact on their work.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) process provides a structure for members to manage their professional development, requiring them to think about the knowledge that they need, make  arrangements to undertake the appropriate learning, record what they have learned, and reflect on how they can use that new
knowledge in their work.

What counts as CPD?

Ideally, CPD activities should be varied and cover a wide range of relevant learning opportunities. CIHT expects practising members to complete at least 25 hours of CPD activity each year, which can include:

The choice of activity is entirely up to you and what fits best with your Professional Development Plan.

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