Procurement and Delivery Panel

The Procurement and Delivery Panel identifies and promotes good practice in transport procurement and all aspects of the delivery of Highways and Transportation Services. The Panel also seeks to work in conjunction with the other CIHT panels and related organisations to tackle a range of cross cutting issues affecting the whole sector.

The efficient and effective procurement and delivery of highway and transportation services is key to keeping Britain moving and, in turn, vital to the nation’s economic prosperity.  Procurement and especially service delivery is affected by a range of external factors, including restricted funding resources, variable demand which often exceeds available capacity, diminishing skills and competence, climate conditions and interruptions due to unplanned incidents and utility interventions.  It is essential that service delivery provides right first time, cost effective delivery as the network is the vital artery that connect places of education, leisure and social interaction, thus contributing significantly to our individual and collective wellbeing as well as the economy.

Increasingly collaboration is seen as a major benefit in procurement through use of shared resources, frameworks and common documentation whilst technology and innovation is used widely in delivery to provide efficient and effective solutions.

The Procurement and Delivery Panel identifies opportunities and promotes best procurement and delivery practice for the Highways and Transportation industry.  The role of the Panel is to:

  • Develop policies and strategies to assist the industry/profession achieve long term value and optimal performance through practical procurement and quality delivery;
  • Highlight best practice whether technical, economic or organisational;
  • Promote and support innovation, particularly in service delivery;
  • Disseminate knowledge concerning issues and developments in the governance, funding and delivery arrangements for transport infrastructure and services; and
  • Keep the industry/profession informed of developing issues, policies and practices.

It does this through:

  • Panel meetings including presentations to the Panel
  • Producing articles for Transportation Professional magazine and the CIHT website
  • CIHT Award support
  • Responding to issues and consultations – new policies, procurement rules, changes in legislation etc.
  • Participating in initiatives such as HMEP
  • Working with other CIHT panels and related organisations on cross cutting issues
  • Sponsoring and participating in workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Producing guidelines on key topics
  • Stimulating research and studies – disseminate knowledge to the profession
  • Working with Central Government departments, Local Government, Highways England, Local Enterprise Partnerships, academia and industry bodies

If you would like more details on the work of the Panel please contact the Secretary on e: