UK Nations & Regions

There are 12 CIHT Regions and Nations, and several in the rest of the world, and each Regional Committee organises regular meetings and seminars. High profile speakers often address these events and they provide a convenient means for gaining continuing professional development (CPD) experience, updating knowledge and networking with colleagues.

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Nations and Regions Map

Take a look at our 12 UK Nations and Regions below. Click on the image to enlarge the map and see a breakdown of the areas.

CIHT Nations & Regions Map

Regional Voices 


profile images from right to left of; Maamle Okutu, Karen McShane, Ed Downer, Philip Santos,
CIHT Regions and Nations are run by volunteers who dedicate their time to building a local support network for transportation professionals and provide the voice of the institution across and beyond the UK.

To hear (see below) from some of our Regional Officers about why they decided to take a more active role with CIHT in their area or contact if you would like to hear more about the opportunities on offer!

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