Technology and Innovation Panel

Technology and Innovation (T&I) impacts across every area CIHT is involved with.  The aim of the Panel is to keep members informed of relevant T&I developments and ensure the Highways and Transportation sector’s views are put forward (particularly through Government consultations) in this changing world.  

Primary Objectives

Supporting our members

  • Signposting areas that will affect members and new practice offered by T&I
  • Showing relationships between different aspects of technology

Knowledge exchange

  • Disseminating information in a variety of forms
  • Linking to other groups and organisations


  • Ensuring the needs of society and our members are understood by others who are involved in T&I

Understanding the context

  • Ensuring a holistic approach looking at inter-related issues is key for approaching change bought about by T&I
  • Of what customers will need in the future
  • How the drivers – energy, climate change, health, population demographics – will influence T&I
  • Lifecycle – how a young person (18 y/o) views and uses transport might be completely different to an older person. More as a consumable, as part of the sharing economy.
  • What this means for forecasting demand only leads to an increase in a range of scenarios for growth and/or decline in transport

If you would like more details on the work of the Panel please contact the Secretary at