Network Management and Operations Panel

The Network Management & Operations Panel has been established to identify and promote good practise in the areas of management, operation, maintenance, performance and safety of land transport networks, whilst also seeking to determine gaps in the existing provision and provide / support the development of appropriate solutions.  The Panel also seeks to work in conjunction with the other CIHT panels and related organisations to tackle a range of cross cutting issues affecting the whole sector.

Efficient and effective management of transport networks is key to keeping Britain moving and, in turn, vital to the nation’s economic prosperity.  As well as supporting economic growth via the efficient movement of people and freight, our transport networks are also the vital arteries that connect places of education, leisure and social interaction, thus contributing significantly to our individual and collective wellbeing.

However, our many and varied transport networks are affected by a range of external factors, including restricted funding resources, variable demand which often exceeds available capacity, limited space for expansion, interruptions due to unplanned incidents and utility interventions, as well as planned maintenance & improvements.

Increasingly, technology is used to help overcome these constraints; providing the systems that support and enable safe, reliable and interconnected transport networks and making them affordable and available to all potential users.  Communications with and between operators, users and vehicles are also constantly evolving, providing opportunities for greater flexibility and increased personal choice.

The role of the panel is to:

  • Develop policies & strategies that help the industry and profession
  • Highlight best practice in all its forms
  • Promote and support innovation, effective network management systems
  • Keep the industry/profession informed of developing issues, policies and practices
  • Recognise and promote the needs and rights of all users and potential users of our transport systems

The panel does this through:

  • Panel meetings
  • Articles for Transportation Professional magazine and the CIHT website
  • Stimulate research and studies – disseminate knowledge to the profession and beyond
  • Supporting the CIHT Awards
  • Responding to issues and consultations
  • Working with other CIHT panels and related organisations on cross cutting issues
  • Sponsoring and participating in workshops, seminar and conferences
  • Producing guidelines on key topics
  • Working with Central Government departments, Local Government, Highways England, Local Enterprise Partnerships, academia and public transport providers

If you would like more details on the work of the Panel please contact the Secretary on e: