Here you will find CIHT’s policy briefings and statements, manifesto, proposals and views on key issues affecting the highways and transportation profession and industry.

CIHT provide responses to government inquiries and consultations, calls for evidence and is active in stakeholder engagement.

To find out more about the policy work of CIHT, please contact e: technical@ciht.org.uk or have a look through these pages.

Policy and Position Statements

Making the Journey - A Manifesto for Transport 2014
Making the Journey highlights the benefits of the transport sector to the UK’s economy and society.
CIHT Position Statement on HS2 - Dec 2013
This note gives CIHT's position on HS2.
CIHT Transport Policy Statement - March 2003
This statement sets out ten key requirements for a better transport system.

CIHT Position Statement on Highway Maintenance - Published 2012 

This statement provides CIHT’s view on the importance of the role played by maintenance in highway policy, sustaining a safe highway and the impact maintenance has on the environment.

CIHT Briefing Note on Road Pricing and Transport Infrastructure - Published 2007
This note outlines CIHT’s position on road pricing as a result of the publication of the Department for Transport report ‘Towards a Sustainable Transport System’.

CIHT Briefing Note on Travel Planning - Published 2007
This note gives CIHT’s views on travel planning.

CIHT on EuroRap - Published 2007 
This statement gives a summary of EuroRAP’s strengths and weaknesses.

CIHT Diversity Statement
CIHT is an inclusive organisation that welcomes members from all Highways and Transportation-related fields and provides individuals from diverse backgrounds with the support that they need to develop as professionals.

Treasury announcements and comments

Here you will find analysis and comment from CIHT on relevant announcements from HM Treasury.

UK Autumn Statement 2016
CIHT's representation to the Treasury - 10 October 2016 
UK 2015 Spending Review
CIHT beyond the headlines analysis of the 2015 Spending Review and Autumn Statement

UK Budget July 2015
Summer Budget:  a CIHT Review

UK Budget March 2015
CIHT Budget Statement Representation March 2015

UK Autumn Statement 2014
A number of key documents for the highways and transportation sector were announced in the week of the Autumn Statement:

CIHT Summary Autumn Statement 2014
Roads Investment Strategy Summary of Schemes
CIHT Roads Investment Strategy Commentary 2014